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Transforming Material Handling Efficiency with Intelligent Automation

Welcome to Kunaxi, the leading provider of end-to-end smart material handling solutions for factory floors and warehouses.

Our cutting-edge system revolutionizes the way businesses manage their material movement processes, enabling unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

At Kunaxi, we understand the challenges that organizations face when it comes to material handling. The manual and error-prone nature of traditional processes often leads to delays, inefficiencies, and increased costs. That’s why we have developed a fully automated system that seamlessly integrates with your operations, bringing a new era of intelligence and automation to your material handling workflows.

Key Features

What we Offer

Key Features of Kunaxi's Smart Material Handling System

Fully Automated Material Handling

Our system autonomously manages material movement, ensuring reliable and efficient operations round the clock.

Comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting

Gain real-time visibility into your material handling processes with our intuitive dashboards and robust reporting features.

Events and Alerts

Stay informed about critical events and receive instant alerts to proactively address any issues that may arise.

Seamless MES Integration

Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing MES system, creating a unified workflow for enhanced operational efficiency.

Reliable Robot Fleet Coordination

Achieve optimal utilization and coordination of your robot fleet, ensuring smooth and efficient material transportation.

Ay Kunaxi

At Kunaxi, we are committed to driving transformative change in material handling operations. Our solution has been trusted by businesses across various industries, empowering them to achieve unparalleled levels of efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction

Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.


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Ready to experience the future of material handling?

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